My name is Veronika Vagánková. In 2003, I took up translating activity, being my main occupation now. Furthermore, I have been performing certified translations since 2011 (English) and 2015 (German). I gained my language skills during further education and through working in transnational corporations.

I do regularly participate in workshops focused on particular law branches (civil, criminal, commercial law) lectured either by lawyers and translators in one person or by institutes of interpreting.
I am thus able to offer you high quality translation services at a reasonable price and a long term cooperation.

I aim at a professional approach and flexibility, being highly experienced in legal translations including but not limited to civil and criminal law. I pay due attention to every single translation. My aim is to approach clients individually and I am highly motivated to ensure that my work meets your requirements and wishes. It is my great motivation to improve my skills and professional achievements. It is what is important to you that matters, be it your business or accomplishing your personal goals.


As the main authorities of the Slovak Republic are my clients, I usually perform various translations particularly Requests for Legal Assistance ordered by Slovak authorities heading to foreign countries and respective responses by foreign authorities, European Arrest Warrants, Instructions of Accused, Instructions of Witness, Extracts from Commercial Registers etc. In addition to this, my work is to perform certified translations for natural persons (ordinary citizens) needed when getting in touch with foreign authorities or translations of instruments required by Slovak authorities.

You can count on me treating your personal details confidentially.