Specialised translations include texts in any fields that do not need to have a round seal affixed. Subjects of such translations might be marketing, advertising, tourism, business, fashion and cosmetic industry etc. Like certified translations, due attention shall be paid in performing specialised translations and it shall be so proceeded to keep the meaning of the source language and make the target language sound as natural, as possible. You will receive your specialised translation via email.

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Legal translations are a special kind of specialised translations. Specific skills and experience are required to perform legal translations. Choice of words and stylization herein shall be exact without use of ambiguous expressions. One might incur difficulties having his or her documents translated inaccurately. Legal translations (not only) from Slovak into English language are undoubtedly one of the most complicated kinds of translations. They require not only specialist language skills but also expertise in a given legal field and the knowledge of legal systems of the source and target language countries.
Due understanding of the context of legal and contractual provisions is alpha and omega in performing a quality translation. Diligence and meticulousness are also qualities that cannot be overestimated in these types of translations. That is why I educate myself in the field of law constantly and consult lawyers on use of particular legal terms. Legal translations include instruments such as contracts and agreements, Incoterms, judgments, resolutions etc.
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